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A 4th generation junker I come by finding treasures and spotting a diamond in the rough naturally. My dad built me a 12x12 playhouse when I was about 8 and I redecorated it as often as I could. I would go through mom's linens and fix up mock curtains. I remember going to the dump with my Grandma Jones and we would pick through using sticks with nails on the end. We were not poor. We just loved junk. I always loved old mail. 

My grandpa Jones had a makeshift rolling gypsy wagon that he set up on the side of the road to sell his wares. 


I am a family girl. Still having my mom and dad is one of the best blessings in my life. I have one sister, my right hand gal, one son, 2 stepsons, and 7 grandchildren. 


I own a furniture paint company, PIY Paint Products, (Paint it Yourself) and a and linens. junkin business called Lookin Nice Twice. These all keep me busy. But my heart belongs to Miss G and creating her style of clothing, home decor

I was about this age when I started to dream.

About me

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